Friday, May 28, 2010


You breached my walls
And was able to take down my fortress
But that was all.
I let you stay
And time passes
Slowly, without us noticing,
We grew apart.

I was promised a new throne,
A new kingdom.
I left you with mine.

A princess of a new kingdom.
It was fun while it lasted
And then the rain poured.
It washed away the kingdom
And left me with nothing.
I took what was left of me,
Then back to my kingdom.

You were there
Leaving the pieces of my kingdom.
I begged you to stay,
But we had to part ways.

I rebuilt my kingdom.
I took each stone and buried it as deep as I can.
It took a year.
My kingdom, rebuilt.

A stranger,
Yet he was not.
A friend,
Not only a friend.
A new face,
A new smile,
A breath of fresh air.
Fresh ideas, fresh stories.

As hard it was to rebuild,
As easy for him to take it down.
He breached my walls.
Took down my fortress.
Robbed me of my clothes.
Gave me new ones to wear.
He rebuilt my fortress
And enforced my walls, together.

My king.
The king of my kingdom.