Friday, March 5, 2010

Passing of Death

Passing of Death

(After Gaiman)

Once upon a time, there was this little girl. She had beautiful brown eyes but it was filled with sadness. She had jet back hair grown elegantly long but only a few people appreciated this. Most of all, she had porcelain skin due to the lack of sun that comes into her room. This beautiful girl had always been sickly. She never had the chance to get out of bed. She had never made friends other than the nurses, the doctors, the house keepers and her parents that took care of her. She was always looking outside the big glass window and wondered what it was like to go outside. She was told that they were rich, very rich indeed.

Hundreds of doctors examined her, from internationally acclaimed doctors to faith healers. Nothing healed her. No one had the slightest idea what was her illness. May be she was born like this just to die, a phrase she often told herself. Everyday she prayed to get better, but she never did. She had always feared Death. She knew Death was always lurking around her, waiting for the perfect moment.

The time came when Death finally visited her. Everything was dead silent. The hands of the clock stopped at half passed twelve.
“I do not want to die” she said.
But that simply cannot be, Death said.
“I have not yet set foot outside this house. I cannot even get out of this bed. How can you take me away?”
I am Death and that is it.
“Do you die?”
Alas! I cannot die, I am Death.
“Then, you ought to live forever”
A duty, none the less.
“You walk around the world. You see things I have not seen. Everyday I pray that I would get better. Everyday they tell me that I will get better and that I could, one day, play outside. I never did. Now, I never will. You do not understand how it feels like to lie here not knowing what the outside world is. You don’t die. You cannot. Then there is nothing to be feared!”
I am who I am. I cannot deny that. Death is Death.
“Then let me be Death”
You have thought about this?
“Yes. I want to be you. If I am Death, I’ll never be afraid of myself. I cannot die. I’m already Death! I will not die! I’ll be able to walk all around the world. I’ll be able to see more than I could ever imagine. I want to be Death!”
Are you sure?
“Yes. I want to be Death”
Then, I shall grant your request. When you take my hand, you will be known as Death. You are going to be bounded by the laws of the universe. You will no longer be dead or alive.
“What happens to you?”
Me? I am a mere vessel for Death. I have served my purpose and found another container. The choice has been given to you twice and you have agreed twice. There is no turning back. I command you: Take my hand and get out of that humanly body. You will deliver me to Eternity

It was as if Death’s command was the same for any other soul who was going to die, but I was changed to you, you was changed to me. The little girl took Death’s hand. She took her last breath and her soul separated from her body. Death became a soul and her soul became Death.

When one dies, Death must always deliver.
“Yes. I am now the soul that you must deliver to Eternity.”
It is the inevitable.
“A few thousand years late…”
The inevitable.

Death delivered the soul to Eternity. The hands of the clock still at half passed twelve, not a second passed by.

The little girl was not the little girl anymore. From then on, she was bound to walk earth for years and years. She got what she asked for. She no longer was sickly and had no reason to fear Death. She was Death. Death is everything and yet nothing. Death is nothing and yet everything. Death walks the Earth and oversees every living creature in it, the inevitable.

That is your last bedtime story, says death.
“Cool”, says the little boy in blue
“But we want more” says the little boy in green
“Does Death age?” says the one in blue
Well, no
“You have brown eyes, jet black hair, porcelain skin and look the same age as us!” says the one in green.
Do I?
“Yes, yes! Are you Death? You are Death! I knew it you are Death! Told you Skye! I was right!” says the boy in blue eagerly.
“Hmph! Lucky guess.” retorts the boy in green.
“Are you going to take us away?” asks the boy in blue.
Yes, it is my job and duty.
“Right now?” asks the boy in green.
I’m afraid so.
“What are we waiting for?” they said together
I command you: Take my hands and get out of that humanly body. I will deliver you to Eternity.

They had always been together, through thick and thin but mostly thin. Life has not always been good to them. Death offers two hands for the twins to grab a hold off. The two children took Death’s hands without fear and hesitation. They took their last breath and separated from their body.

To Eternity, death said.

It is said Death’s appearance changes from time to time. Those who have seen Death and lived to tell said that it looked like a little girl with brown eyes, jet black hair and porcelain skin. Some said other wise.